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All-Star Teams and Stem Cell injections
What’s the secret to fast, effective healing? Teamwork.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on December 25th, 2016
Stay Vertical!
Stay vertical this holiday season...Keep your tips up
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on December 18th, 2016
Good is not enough
Excellence isn’t a given—it’s an achievement.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on December 11th, 2016
The stem cell field as a whole has become crowded with companies proclaiming remarkable results. Unfortunately, many of the products offered lack stringent quality control.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on December 4th, 2016
Just what is glucosamine—and is the supplement really an effective treatment for arthritis? You may be surprised.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on November 20th, 2016
Why Microfracture Fails
Microfracture surgery fails at an alarming rate ending the careers of many pro athletes. Fortunately, there are alternatives.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on November 13th, 2016
The Bias of Your Surgeon
Every surgeon has a different skill set—and it’s important that their preferences align with yours.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on November 6th, 2016
Stay on Balance
Here’s a simple suggestion for living a longer, healthier life: Keep your balance.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on October 30th, 2016
Range of Motion
Joint health and flexibility affect not only our mobility, but our quality of life.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on October 21st, 2016
The quality of medical care is now measured mostly by the cost of caring for the patient and by low return or readmission rates to hospitals. The lower the cost, the better—and if the patient doesn’t come back, they must be cured. Right? Wrong.
Posted by Kevin R. Stone, M.D on October 16th, 2016
Fix a meniscus to avoid arthritis
A recent study suggested that meniscus surgery doesn't help. Studies can be misleading. Even small losses of meniscus tissue lead to big changes in force concentration on the tibia (shin bone) and eventually arthritis.
Youth Football ACL Injury
What do you expect to get from your surgical care? No one really asks this question, yet the answer determines your satisfaction. Surprisingly, the answers you receive from your surgeon, your physical therapist, your fitness trainer, and your coach may differ.
Insights on Ski Bindings
Most ski bindings have not changed in thirty years. When bindings comply with international safety standards, they do a brilliant job of reducing tibia fractures. However, these fractures account for only 3% of all skiing injuries, while ACL injuries have risen to 20% of skiing injuries. Surprisingly, bindings are not designed to protect the ACL while skiing. Over time, skis have changed in both shape and length—so what is the problem with designing bindings in relation to the ACL?
July 14th, 2015
In light of Wes Matthews and other NBA athletes suffering Achilles ruptures, Dr. Stone speaks to Mavs Moneyball, a...
April 27th, 2016
Dr Stone talking about Steph Curry's injury and the Warrior's season.
December 11th, 2014
"A few select orthopedic surgeons and researchers around the country are pioneering alternate cartilage...

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