You push towards goals that some people thought were superhuman and show us what the human body is capable of. And because you want to be at full competitive strength as soon as possible, you also push our surgical techniques harder than anyone else.

For more than 25 years, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top athletes. It is always extraordinary to be part of an athlete's journey from injury to triumph.  Dr. Stone has served as an orthopaedic surgeon for many sports organizations including the U.S. Ski Team, the Smuin Ballet and many others. Our approach is different and remarkably effective.

Our repair techniques are biologic, preserving your natural joint and protecting you from arthritis. We harness your body's natural healing powers, using your own stem cells and growth factors to help speed recovery. We perform cartilage regeneration using stem cells, meniscus repair or replacement using donor tissue and ligament reconstruction, also using sterilized donor tissue. These procedures are often combined to offer a BioKnee solution.

We provide an unprecedented level of care to all our patients, from comprehensive diagnosis to surgery, if necessary, with onsite physical therapy and fitness programs. Our outpatient surgical procedures take place in a state-of-the-art private surgery center, with the very latest surgical equipment. When you are with us, you are part of our extended family. Every member of team from Dr. Stone, to the physical therapists, nurses, administrative assistants and radiologists will be supporting your swift recovery.

We know how important it is for you to get back to your sport and to remain competitive. Seeking early and accurate treatment when you are first injured can make all the difference in how well you heal.

From Olympic medal winners to weekend warriors, we treat athletes from a wide range of sporting backgrounds. Meet some of the people who we have helped return to competitive sport.

Jen Hudak, Extreme Skier, Knee Surgery Patient
ACL replacements, stem cell paste graft, posterolateral corner repair

In 2009, professional freestyle skier, Jen Hudak suffered a devastating knee injury that threatened to cut short her sporting career. Dr. Stone used a technique called an articular cartilage stem cell paste graft to fix a large damaged part of her articular cartilage and then rebuilt the back corner of her knee with a posterolateral corner reconstruction.  Within 6 months she was back on the slopes winning X-Games Gold in the superpipe.That season was her best season to date; she pushed her newly fixed joint to the limits and won every major national and international competition in the subsequent year.

Jen ruptured her right knee ACL in 2012 and her left knee ACL in 2013.  Dr. Stone reconstructed those ligaments with sterilized bone patellar bone grafts from a donor, successfully returning Jen to full competitive form the following seasons.

Andrew Holdsworth Patella tendon repair
Patella tendon repair

How a world champion sailor and US national mountain bike racer used his knee surgery as "a chance to become even better."  


David G, Mont Ventoux
MAKOplasty partial knee replacement

25 years ago, David injured his knee playing rugby and had his meniscus removed. By the time he came to see Dr. Stone,  he was bone-on-bone on his left knee and had had 4 surgeries. Many orthopedists had told him he would need a total knee replacement. Dr. Stone was able to help David avoid a total knee replacement by doing a MAKOplasty partial knee replacement. David says, "For me this was the perfect surgery, I was only on crutches for four days." He was walking on his knee within a week and riding his bicycle within 2 weeks. As an ultra athlete, within two months he was doing 100 mile rides. In less than three months he was skiing - all without pain. Check out the video to learn more about what he's been up to within a year of surgery....including biking around Europe! "I can't say enough good things about this."

Pep Fujas, Skier, knee surgery patient
ACL replacement and posterolateral corner repair

Pep Fujas came to us because of an injury to his ACL replacement graft. At The Stone Clinic, we have extensive experience in revising failed or re-injured ACLs. Dr. Stone repaired the injury to the posterolateral corner of Pep’s knee with a donor tendon and placed a new donor ACL in the correct anatomic position on the femur while preserving some of the previous surgeon’s graft. Pep has returned to freeskiing at a world class level and can be seen in many of the top skiing movies over the past few seasons.

Rick L, Skier, Z Lig ACL knee surgery patient
Z-Lig ACL replacement

Rick is a former competitive ski racer who raced both internationally as an amateur and for 10 years on the world professional ski tour. In 2002, Rick became one of the first people to get an ACL reconstruction using porcine ligament tissue, a xenograft or Z-lig.  Rick went on to win 5 Canadian Masters championships on his “pig-lig” as he likes to call it. At his 11 year follow up in 2013, he reported full range of motion, never any swelling or aching. Meanwhile an ACL reconstruction that he had done earlier on his opposite leg, using a different technique of harvesting hamstring tissue from his own body (surgery performed elsewhere) does not have full range of motion and plagues him with aches and pains.

Matt R, Skier, knee surgery patient

Matt was told he could not ski professionally again after being diagnosed by his doctors as "bone-on-bone" following numerous failed surgical procedures, including microfracture and OATs. After his BioKnee in 2007, Matt said "I came back. I did two ski films, some of my best ski film work.  I signed with Völkl International and have had the best three years of my professional skiing career.”

Emily S, athlete, BioKnee surgery patient

Emily is an Iron Man distance triathlete and a a lifetime ski-racer. Years of activity had destroyed her meniscus cartilage and since the injured meniscus had not been repaired, it had also resulted in articular cartilage damage. Emily had a BioKnee replacement consisting of a meniscus transplant and an articular cartilage paste graft. Within a year of the surgery she trained for and completed her  fourth Iron Man and did the whole race only eight minutes slower than her previous pre-surgery time. Emily says “Dr. Stone’s surgery has been a revelation to me, it’s totally enabled me to continue being who I am which is way more than just the sports that I do It's part of my personality and I’m thrilled.” We have followed Emily's progress over the years as part of our outcome study on meniscus transplants in athletes. 

Betty R, athlete, knee surgery patient

Betty says she went from “being a sailor at the world championships, a skier, and professional horsewoman to Pillsbury Dough girl.” She had torn her knees up and been told she needed to have knee replacement. She felt like she had lost the ability to enjoy life. Instead, she had a BioKnee replacement, a meniscus transplant with articular cartilage paste graft. “It’s taken about 18 months from the surgery till I really could go do everything I wanted to do again. I'm doing things I'd never thought I'd do again, ever.”

William S, Hockey Player, Shoulder Patient
Rotator cuff and labrum repair

At 16, William broke his collarbone in an ice hockey accident. However, the injury had in fact caused more damage than just this.  After a series of further injuries, (shoulder separations and dislocations)   the pain and weakness in his shoulder was too great to ignore. He couldn’t pick up his backpack, or throw a football without pain.  Dr. Stone stitched up his labrum and rotator cuff, drained excess fluid and removed a bone fragment.  The first day after surgery, William noticed that his shoulder felt “more a part of my shoulder than it had been in three years”.  During physical therapy he says “I almost cried when I did my first throwing exercise and could throw and catch a 2lb weight with no pain. It was just the best feeling in the world.”

Karina T, Tennis, knee surgery patient
Undersurface partial medial meniscectomy and a femoral condyle chondroplasty

After a series of knee injuries and surgeries, Karina had been told that she needed a total knee replacement in her right knee. Instead, Dr. Stone was able to save her knee with a much less invasive procedure. A year later she says she was fitter faster and stronger than ever before. She says “Thank you Dr. Stone and the Stone Clinic team for helping me along this incredible journey. Without you guys, without this surgery, I would not have been able to do this! I lost 22lbs and got my body fat down to 16.5%! I am forever grateful!”

Jodi L, athlete, knee surgery patient
Meniscus transplant and articular paste graft

Jodi has been a lifelong athlete. She gained a full scholarship to UCSB for basketball and rode horses and did barrel racing and cattle culling.  She is also a masters swimmer.  Injury had slowed her down and she couldn’t keep up with her kids, let alone do the sporting activities she wanted.  She had a meniscus transplant and articular cartilage paste graft in 2003. These days she enjoys swimming, water skiing, riding horses, some hiking, and inside the gym activities.

Rich Watts Meniscus Transplant San Francisco
Medial meniscus transplant

6 months after his revision meniscus transplant Rich says: “ I'm now at the point that I really no longer think about my knee.  I'm doing everything I want to do including cycling, golf, training, tons of yoga, and I'm racing an aqua-bike in two weeks (swim and bike race)”

Rich L, CrossFit, achilles surgery patient
Ruptured Achilles Tendon

Rich ruptured his Achilles Tendon in July 2009.  Dr. Stone used his novel percutaneous repair technique (no open surgery required) to sew together the ends of the ligament by mini skin punctures.  Rich went on to the CrossFit Games successful competing and continues to do well at an elite level.

ACL- Reconstruction - Natalya Vyashenko, Professional ballet dancer & instructor
ACL reconstruction (allograft)

Natalya tore her ACL in rehearsal and was scheduled to have surgery using her own hamstring to replace the damaged ACL. Instead, she cancelled this and came to The Stone Clinic where Dr. Stone used donor tissue to reconstruct the ACL. Dr. Stone says "The care of the ballet dancer has changed dramatically over the last few years so that these world class dancers can return to their art form as soon as possible after what used to be a devasting knee injury." 

If you've been injured, you'll have a lot of questions about the best way to get back to your sport. We answer them here. 

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