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Low Back Pain Exercises

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A simple and safe exercise that can help you alleviate low back pain. When you are experiencing an acute bout of low back pain, it is important to activate the surrounding musculature as well as hydrate your joints. 

You will need to Log Roll to get on to your back and bend your knees to a comfortable position. Think of your pelvis as a bowl and roll your pelvis back, "spill it out the back," then roll your pelvis forward, "spill it out the front." This movement should be pain-free.Repeat for 10 repetitions. Next you can bring one knee to your chest, giving a gentle squeeze to the knee to get a pain-free stretch in your back. Perform with both legs but making sure you move in a slow and controlled manner. Hold each stretch for 15 seconds. Perform 2-3 times per leg.
To perform a double knee to chest to increase the amount of stretch, bring one knee to your chest, then lift to meet the other and pull your knees gently to your chest. Hold for 15 seconds. If this position is comfortable, you can rock side to side or forward and back. 
Move one leg at a time as you bring your legs down. Keep your abdominals engaged to protect your back. 
With your knee bent and feet together, slowly leg your knees fall to one side and then to the other. Keep the range of motion limited to stay in the pain-free range. 
Hamstring Stretch:
The hamstrings connect to your pelvis and have a major influence on your back. To provide a gentle stretch, bring one knee to your chest, grab behind your knee and extend your leg up. You should not experience an increase in numbness or tingling or low back pain. If you experience any symptoms other than a gentle pull, lessen the stretch by letting your leg down or stop the stretch altogether. Hold for 15 seconds.

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