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Full body exercises

Full Body Exercises

Full Body Exercise: Variation on a Side-lying Straight Leg Raise

Full Body Exercises - Single Leg Deadlift

Full Body Exercises - Deadlift

Full Body Exercise - Thruster

increase your burst power in jumping. Focus on triple extension - knee extension, hip extension, and back extension!

Full Body Exercises - Sumo Deadlift Highpull

add some oomph to your squat by incorporating upper body and core stabilization

Full Body Exercises - Kettlebell Swing

explosive hip extension to engage the posterior kinetic chain!

Fix a meniscus to avoid arthritis
A recent study suggested that meniscus surgery doesn't help. Studies can be misleading. Even small losses of meniscus tissue lead to big changes in force concentration on the tibia (shin bone) and eventually arthritis.
To help you find a good physical therapist, here’s a guide to what we look for when hiring PTs, outlining the skills we expect them to bring to the patient and to the doctor.
Glutes control the power in the body
As you marvel the ability of ultra-fit athletes at the pinnacle of their sport, take some time to check out their butts.
July 14th, 2015
In light of Wes Matthews and other NBA athletes suffering Achilles ruptures, Dr. Stone speaks to Mavs Moneyball, a...
July 11th, 2018
Dr. Stone gives the nation running tips on how to avoid pain while protecting your joints.
April 27th, 2016
Dr Stone talking about Steph Curry's injury and the Warrior's season.

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